Wedding Entertainment Magic

Make Your Wedding Reception Magical!

You wedding day is special and magical!  As you prepare to celebrate the most special day of your life, you are no doubt thinking about ways to make your guests feel special too!

It is common for there to be a slowdown just after the wedding ceremony, during the photo-shoots.  Guests are waiting around with refreshment in hand and particularly for those who do not know many others, it can be an awkward moment!

This is the ideal time where you can ensure your guests are provided sophisticated and highly enjoyable entertainment with my brand of magic

With years of experience as a magician, mentalist, and illusionist, I excel at wedding entertainment!  My incredible collection of tricks for wedding events are sure to enthrall, amuse, and completely entertain old and young alike and brighten up everyone's moods for the entire evening (and beyond!)  Whether is is individualized magic, table magic or sleight of hand with guests' own objects, your guests are sure to watch with disbelief as things appear and disappear from nowhere (even in their own hands!)!  As a mentalist, I can read their minds to their absolute astonishment!  So, trust me to bring on the right kind of magic that works for your guests - like a charm!

Wedding Entertainment Magic

A lifetime of memories!

Weddings are great to connect with long-lost cousins, friends or family and make new connections.  But to really have a stand-out wedding where guests have exceptional memories that they will never forget, you need a generous dose of humor and magic!

The Ideal Ice Breaker

There’s an excellent chance there will be moments when your guests will be near someone they don’t know. This creates a potentially uncomfortable situation where guests will be less likely to initiate a conversation.

With spectacular magic happening just inches from their eyes, guests cannot help but start conversing with each other about what they just saw (or didn't!).  I actually jump-start the conversation/befriending process by engaging everyone in the magic themselves!  You’ll quickly notice the improved interaction among guests, compared with other weddings you’ve attended, which adds to the success of this magical occasion.

No hassles of 'stage'!

I know how to work intrigue with simple objects and everyday items!  While you take care of other elaborate wedding activities, you can leave the magic to me.  Strolling around and entertaining while drawing everyone out is my forte.  With no hassles of setting up stages, lighting or arranging special objects, my style of magic is a breeze for any location! 

Wedding Entertainment Magic

Flexible and polite!

While I ensure my performances are customized to fit your requirements and the reception, I also am polite and respectful. So, you can enjoy total peace of mind knowing that your guests are not being embarrassed or offended in any way!

Let the music play!

Does your wedding reception include a live band or DJ?  There's no need to stop the music!  I can perform magic even with loud music playing!


What's the process?

I completely tailor my magic to your reception requirements.  I can go to wherever your guests are located and entertain them, a few at a time. And if they're mingling, I'll mingle with and perform for them.

What kinds of magic will we be seeing?

Some magicians are solely ‘card specialists.’ I’m not that guy. Although I do perform amazing card magic you would expect, I enjoy using a more broad range of items that people can more easily relate to such as rings, money, keys, and so on. Using these types of items, including their own, provides a stronger connection with those I’m performing for and thus creates a stronger “Wow!” factor.

When does the performing take place?

This is completely determined by you. I can perform when the guests begin to arrive, during the cocktail hour, and before the formal entrance of bride and groom. Or I can also perform before and after they arrive. It’s up to you, based on the structure and dynamics of your wedding event.

Choose The Professional

When you hire me as your wedding magician, you’ll be hiring a true professional. In other words, the only surprises you’ll experience will be those enjoyed during my magic performance! My show will be headache-free, hassle-free, and there will be no hidden fees. Get your wedding reception off to a magical start by simply calling me (801) 834-1371 TODAY!!