Wedding Entertainment Magic

Make Your Wedding Reception Magical!

Magic entertainment is the perfect garnish for an already magical event – your wedding! Amaze your wedding guests with my eye-opening, yet elegant, close-up magic!

This is not a typical magic show, but rather a highly entertaining blend of magic and mingle. I will stroll among your guests, whether seated or standing, and provide them with amazing magic… just inches from their eyes! For old and your alike, my wedding magic will add fun memories to an already memorable event!

Why I’m the Right Wedding Magician for You

Wedding Entertainment Magic

The Ideal Ice Breaker

There’s an excellent chance that some of your guests will be seated next to guests they don’t know. This creates a potentially uncomfortable situation for guests less likely to initiate a conversation with those next to them.

My audience-engaging style is the perfect fit for these situations as I bring strangers (at least initially!) together to participate in my eye-opening close-up magic! You’ll quickly notice the improved interaction among guests, compared with other weddings you’ve attended, which adds to the success of this magical occasion.

Appropriate Charm For All Ages

My polite behavior will be appropriate for the occasion, and my wedding magic routines are designed for guests of all ages and backgrounds.

Wedding Entertainment Magic

Customized Flexibility

I can custom-tailor my performance to fit your reception needs. I can be as high energy or low-key as you would like.


Even if you have live music or a DJ, my strolling magic still works great under most lighting and sound situations.

Wedding Magic FAQ:

What's the process?

I go to wherever your guests are located and entertain them, a few at a time. In other words, if your guests are seated… I’ll provide a short performance for them at their table. And if they’re mingling, I’ll mingle with and perform for them.

What kinds of magic will we be seeing?

Some magicians are ‘card specialists.’ I’m not that guy. Although I do perform amazing card magic that you would expect, I enjoy using a more broad range of items that people can more easily relate to such as rings, money, keys, etc. Using these types items, including their own, provides a stronger connection with those I’m performing for and thus creates a stronger “Wow!”

When does the performing take place?

This is completely determined by you. I can perform when the guests begin to arrive, during the cocktail hour and before the bride and groom make their formal entrance. Or I can also perform before and after they arrive. It’s up to you, based on the structure and dynamics of your wedding event.

Choose The Professional

When you hire me as your wedding magician, you’ll be hiring a true professional. In other words, the only surprises you’ll experience will be those enjoyed during my magic performance! My show will be headache-free, hassle-free, and there will be no hidden fees. Get your wedding reception off to a magical start by simply calling me (801) 834-1371 TODAY!!