Strolling Magic

A "Wow!" Experience That's Close-up And Personal

Strolling magic allows any size group to be highly entertained, up close and personal, without requiring a stage. It's the perfect way to break the ice and engage people at a party, wedding, or corporate event, where guests are standing and mingling. In a banquet-type setting, the strolling magic is performed at individual tables. In other words, if everyone is mingling, then I’ll entertain them as they mingle. If your guests are seated, I’ll give each table their own, close-up and personal magic show!

Scout Show Magic

I’ll connect with your guests and allow them to directly participate in the magic, rather than merely view it from a distance. As I do so, look closely at their faces and you’ll see expressions of childhood wonderment appear as they view items transform, disappear, and reappear in their own hands and in front of their own eyes!

You can be confident that your guests will enjoy a close-up magical experience that they'll remember for a long, long time.

“We have had the pleasure on two occasions of having Doug Roy come into our establishment to perform magic for patrons. On both occasions we were pleasantly surprised by his skill and ability to entertain I would highly recommend him to anybody thinking about a magician in the future.”
-Josh K, Poplar Street

Scout Show Magic Scout Show Magic

FAQ – Strolling Magic

Is Strolling Magic A Good Fit For My Venue?

Strolling magic works great for any venue. I’ve performed strolling magic at store grand openings, company picnics, birthday parties, and in private homes and in corporate offices. Whether it be a loud nightclub or a quiet formal dinner setting, I always customize my performances to match your venue and situation.

Is There An Amount You Would Recommend?

To make sure that everyone is able to participate in the magic, I recommend one hour per every 60 attendees. That being said, every event is different so feel free to call me at (801) 834-1371 to receive a well-informed recommendation.

How Good Are You?

A fair question indeed! To answer, I'll simply quote a few LIVE, in-performance quotes from others: "That's crazy!" "What the...??!!" "No way!!" "*#$%@!!" "Wow!!" "Holy$%@*!!" Or simply... head shaking, and clapping!! In other words, I can assure you your guests will be in good hands. :)