Strolling Magic

A "Wow!" Experience That's Close-up And Personal

"Watch the world around you with glittering eyes! The best treasures are always hidden in the most unlikely places" - Ronald Dahl

With my customized strolling magic, everything, in terms of pure entertainment, is possible at parties, weddings, corporate events or cocktail hours!

Strolling magic is what makes all the difference at events.  Instead of viewing magic from a distance passively, the audience becomes active participants!

As a strolling magician for many years in Utah, I have extensively performed at various events at all kinds of locations - corporate offices, wedding venues, private homes, store openings and more!

And at every location and event, I have happily witnessed amazement, disbelief, belief, wonder, and nostalgia as things appear and disappear right under their eyes and right from their hands!

I have perfected my craft of using objects owned by guests themselves such as their keys, rings, money and so on to create a personalized magic wherever they are seated! This never fails to draw some WOW's and applause as disbelief turns to pure amazement!

I engage and entertain guests wherever they are seated - at individual tables or while they are standing around with drinks or other refreshments. Taking the magic to the guests, and involving them in the magic instead of having them just view is my forte!

With my strolling magic, you are sure to experience the best icebreaker at every event! My performances are tailored to every location with no hassles of setting up lighting, stage, or sound arrangements.

So, let your guests let their hair down and have the time of their lives with my strolling magic - and they are sure to remember the magic for years and years to come!

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“We have had the pleasure on two occasions of having Doug Roy come into our establishment to perform magic for patrons. On both occasions we were pleasantly surprised by his skill and ability to entertain I would highly recommend him to anybody thinking about a magician in the future.”
-Josh K, Poplar Street

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FAQ – Strolling Magic

Is strolling magic a good fit for my venue?

Strolling magic works great for any venue. I have extensively performed strolling magic at all kinds of venues including corporate offices, company picnics, in private homes, and at store grand openings.

I can also perform when there is loud DJ music playing at a nightclub or at quiet formal parties.  I always customize my performances to match your venue and situation.

There is no need to set up elaborate stages, lighting or sound! My strolling magic is performed with everyday objects that guests carry!

Is there an amount of time you would recommend?

To make sure that everyone is able to participate in the magic, I recommend one hour per every 60 attendees. That being said, every event is different so feel free to call me at (801) 834-1371 to receive a well-informed recommendation.

How good are you?

A fair question indeed! To answer, I'll simply quote a few LIVE, in-performance quotes from others: "That's crazy!" "What the...??!!" "No way!!" "*#$%@!!" "Wow!!" "Holy$%@*!!" Or simply... head shaking, and clapping!! In other words, I can assure you your guests will be in good hands. :)