Corporate Event Magic

Make your next event unforgettable!!

Conferences. award functions, team building - the secret to spicing up any corporate event is to sprinkle some magic!

Corporate events are the perfect time for colleagues, business partners, and managers to take a small break to experience something different and entertaining.

Of course, this is also a great opportunity to connect different levels of employees or colleagues with each other.  At times, when the business has a global presence, such corporate events are the ideal time to connect employees from across different offices or branches.  Networking is a great way to foster long lasting business relationships.  This in turn helps boost positivity and productivity for businesses!

A magical event with me is a great way to achieve all this and more at any corporate event!  Magic is a great ice-breaker at any corporate event, while it also ensures active participation, fun moments and all round entertainment.

As an interactive illusionist, mentalist and magician, I have helped take corporate events to a new level with my personalized magic.

Corporate Virtual Magic Shows

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“The Magic show was a great success! Everyone from the smallest children to the adults loved the magic tricks. We talked about it for days after! The tricks were original and entertaining. Truly a professional work. I would have no hesitation recommending you for any event. Thank you for entertaining our crew for the Christmas party. We hope to have you back again!"
- Tina W, Hilton Garden Inn

Reasons Why I’m the Right Choice for You

Corporate Event Magic

Ensuring active participation!

With me, interaction and hands-on participation are a given!  Whether seated in groups around the dinner table or while standing around mingling, I work my strolling magic around everyone ensuring their active engagement! 

I have also performed stand-up shows at various corporate events that always draws a great deal of laughter, applause, and WOW's!  Illusion, mentalism, magic with everyday objects - all spiced with a generous dose of humor and interaction - that's what I excel in doing!

I perform my hard-hitting close-up magic at any time, during pre-dinner drinks in the bar or between courses at a banquet-style meal, and any type of gathering - large or small! 

A magical icebreaker

Corporate events, particularly team-building ones, are designed to encourage interpersonal connections and interactions!  Ice-breaking is a common focus of many corporate events.

What better way to get people to talk excitedly with each other on how on earth something disappeared or appeared right under their very eyes, or in their own hands!

As I walk around and enthrall guests with the objects they own of the company products, wherever they are seated or standing, I present the most thrilling and entertaining icebreaker at all corporate events! 

When magic is this close-up and personal, there is no hiding from the fact that amazement and entertainment are in unlimited supply!

Available Nationwide!

Wherever your corporate event is located, I can perform there!  As a strolling magician, mentalist, and illusionist, I'm able to travel all over the country and perform in any kind of location.  There are no worries of setting up huge stages and arranging lighting, sound and so on.  For my kind of personal magic to work, all I need is an audience willing to be shocked, amazed, and entertained beyond what they thought was possible!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

Added bonus!  A 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my performance!

Not many magicians offer a 100% money-back guarantee, but I do! If you’re not completely satisfied with my performance, it’s free!

Magic For Even The Most Sophisticated

I’ve been magically entertaining adults for years and I know what it takes to amaze and impress them. With me as your corporate magician, you’ll enjoy the following:

Awesome Magic

You’ll witness incredibly magical and entertaining magic routines, impossible predictions, and mind reading.

Audience Involvement

In my show the audience members are participants, not just spectators. Everyone gets involved, which creates a show that no one will forget!

Clean and Appropriate Comedy

There’s never a risk that my humor will be inappropriate for your occasion.

Flexible Options

I offer various performance options to fit your specific need and circumstance. For whatever type of corporate event you are organizing, call me today at (801) 747-9895 and together we’ll determine a perfect option for you. I’ll then provide you with a detailed PDF quote that you can review. I look forward to helping make your upcoming event a magical success!

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