WHY hire a magician for your wedding??

Why hire a magician for your wedding?? Truth be told, most guests at private or corporate functions remember the entertainment more frequently than the food! Brides and Grooms naturally want their special day to be absolutely perfect, and more often than not quality entertainment is overlooked. Most people see a live magician only a couple of times in their lifetime so considering having a magician for a wedding should definitely be given some consideration.


1) Magic is unique– Even though magic and magicians are popular these days it’s not common wedding-type entertainment. Singers and other musicians are common place at a wedding but magicians add a unique novelty that will surprise and delight your guests!

2) Magic is highly interactive– With the exception of perhaps an exceptional DJ, most types of wedding entertainment are not interactive. If you hire a magician for your wedding they will include your guests in the magic wherever they are, which will enhance the atmosphere and help everyone to relax and enjoy the special day!

3) Magic is very adaptable– A magician can be used at different times and at different locations. This means you can plan the day exactly the way you want. For example, the magician can mingle with your guests during the general reception, or can perform at tables during the breakfast, luncheon or dinner!

4) Magic is an effective ice breaker– Even though weddings are usually family affairs it’s common for people to be meeting for the first time, sometimes even at the same table. A magician for a wedding not only interacts with the guests, but also gets them to interact with each other during the magic. In other words, he meets them as strangers… but leaves them talking and laughing with each other!

5) Magic is entertaining AND memorable– Your wedding day is magical, and you want your guests to remember it as being fun and enjoyable. By adding fun magic entertainment, it will become that extra and special wedding garnish that they’ll also never forget!

BONUS reason:

Magic shows your guests you care about THEM - Magic is solely focused towards your guests. Providing them with fun and amazing magic entertainment is a special way to show appreciation for their support on your special day!

When looking for a magician for your special day there are naturally numerous points to consider, but most important is to select the one which you feel is the best fit for you. Your wedding is a very personal matter, so look through websites and video clips and imagine them at your event. Then ask yourself …Which one would work best for you?

Also understand that it’s very easy to look for the lowest cost performer. However, when you factor in the truth that you get what you pay for my advice is to keep in mind the overall cost of the wedding and not give in to the temptation to be cost dependent in this area. Go for the magician who you think best suits your event and the one you think your guests will enjoy the most.


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