Magician and Mentalist

Master of the Unexpected

What is unexpected? Just ask a magician and mentalist. Things we can’t explain. Surprising experiences. New ideas that expand our thinking. Doug Roy is the extraordinary Master of the Unexpected with live mesmerizing virtual and in-person shows that are highly interactive and entertaining.

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Virtual Shows

Three amazing options to astound you… wherever you are! Our “Couple” and “Group Gate Night” shows provide unique, Vegas-quality and romance-themed magic fueled by love! Our interactive “Family” or “Adults” shows for ages 4-99 are perfect for family or adult-oriented events or private parties for family or friends. And our adult-show “Choices”... where you discover whether you are easily influenced… is perfect for business, non-profit, or private parties and events.

Live Shows

Don’t you just love the magic of a live show? Doug entertains participants in engaging and unexpected ways by strolling through the crowd and performing stand-up on stage. A master mentalist and magician, he is perfect for making weddings, reunions, parties, corporate happy hours, and other occasions even more memorable.

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Meet the Master of the Unexpected

Talent, skill and experience are not enough. If you want to perform feats of extraordinary mental powers, you have to truly believe in magic. Doug has been obsessed with magic since he was a child and inspired by the greats – Houdini, Harry Blackstone, David Copperfield and David Blaine. And that’s just the beginning…

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